Sellis Vagantem

The Willow Wanderer

Hit Points 28 (No Con Bonus Yet)
Mana Points 24
Armor Class 8
Personal Reputation 0
Alignment True Neutral
15 12 16 17 18 14
Paralyzation / Poison / Death Magic??????
Petrification / Polymorph??????
Rod / Staff / Wand??????
Breadth Weapons??????

Deity: Fharlanghn, the Dweller on the Horizon Fharlanghn_Symbol.gif

The Dweller on the Horizon insists that everyone travel in order to discover and learn new things. He urges people to look to the horizon for inspiration.


First Idea:

Centuries ago, there was a child born out of the love from two very powerful beings. This child was prophesized to be the one who would bring peace throughout globe. Eorum, the Matriarch of the clan to the northern most forest was the mother to this prophesized child, to know his story you must know a little of hers. Eorum was born with one of the most influential powers that has ever been seen in any druid, she had the power of total creation. She could imagine a seed growing up to become a thick and strong tree, then the next day it would have come true. She also had the power to conjure wisps at will which she used to create a somewhat shield like barrier around their village to protect her people from the horrendous acts of human kind. But her power did not last for long, soon the humans had forced their way through the barrier when it was weakened and started to pillage the town. What must have been an act of the gods, a traveler appeared near the forest with immeasurable powers forcing the intruders back with unseen forces. Once the intruders were out of the town limits a gigantic wall of foliage appeared around the town that was so thick with magical power that it was practically dripping with energy. Eorum had thanked the traveler and bestowed him the title of savior in their village. The village threw a celebration to show how thankful they were to the traveler. That night was when the prophesy had started to come true as Eorum and the mysterious traveler who had called himself Langarhn Fhal spent the night together. The next morning Langarhn Fhal had disappeared leaving behind a pendant that looked like a sun setting over a horizon. One year later, Eorum gave birth to Sellis who right away had an immense power over nature and the beings that lived on this earth. Sellis grew up quite fast as was expected for an elf child and as he matured, so did his powers. As Sellis reached his 100th birthday he was told of his father Langarhn Fhal and what he was like. Sellis thought the world of his father and his power and wished to meet him in real life to see what he is like. So one year after Sellis had taken up the teachings of the Deity Fharlanghn the Dweller on the Horizon seeing that it was obviously the fastest way to come into contact with his father by following the Deity that his father had. On Sellis’ 150th birthday he had said his goodbyes to his mother and villagers, setting off on his adventure of traveling across the horizon just like his father had, in search of new and amazing things.
Throughout his adventures, Sellis had come across many different villages and multiple races as well, discovering as much as he could about their land and culture. It was very rare, but sometimes Sellis had come across petitioners of Fharlanghn. But none had information on a fellow traveler with the description given, most looking at Sellis with great befuddlement before wisping away into mist moving onto another location.
Sellis had soon come to realize that not all beings were as kind as his village dwellers were. He now understood why his mother Matriarch Eorum had never trusted the humans, since most of the humans Sellis had trusted with his life ended up betraying him in way or another. For 26 years Sellis had been shipped around the world as a slave being sold and bought over and over until one day he was saved by a mysterious man. During his last shipment across the sea to some random continent, his ship had been attacked and destroyed by a rival slave trade faction and he had been captured once again to be sold into slavery. On the last day of his slave existence, a man walking on the side of the road that was headed towards Olai, one of the leading slave capitals in Oerth, saw the wagon and the people in it with great sadness. Right as the man looked at me I saw anger flare up in his eyes as he looked towards the guards and the traders on the cart. Right then giant roots burst out of the ground the size of castle walls crashed down on the guards flanking either side of the car. Smaller roots struck out of the larger ones piercing the helmets of the traders and breaking the cage that the slaves were held in. In the madness, the mysterious man had somehow slipped away. Sellis went to the location where he saw the man last standing and saw the symbol of a sun set over a horizon on a pendent. Sellis picked it up and placed it around his neck right where his fathers had been before it was stolen 26 years ago before he was captured as a slave.

Sellis Vagantem

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